Contact Solo roudrunner firstborn for booking of reserve spots
Attending Players/Mindark

      1 Solo Roudrunner Firstborn Organizer (swe) BOOKED  
2 JonathanAbraham JAZ Zephyro Organizer (swe) BOOKED
3 SirFluid Hat Hat (swe) BOOKED
4 Damien Icewind Claybourne Organizer (swe) BOOKED
5 Martin EpicDoze Bostrom (swe) BOOKED
6  Oliver Viking Kohler (swe) BOOKED
7 Entropia Official Socrates (GB)  BOOKED
8  Oj Great Snygging (swe) BOOKED
9  SnoHxan Haxan Rimmer (swe) BOOKED
10 Krukanan Krukan Mertanen (swe) BOOKED
11   Bobby Skankinbob Deluxe (swe) BOOKED
12   Demonhunter Masa Hellbornd (swe) BOKED
13  Frolic Fric dogfood (swe) BOOKED
14  Andreas Strongsoul Nilsson (swe) BOOKED
15  Lemmy Rocker Dickinsson (swe) BOOKED
16  Jorgen LightStar Eriksson (swe) BOOKED
17 Thorb Focus Galleck (swe) BOOKED
18 Archaon Baldurn Zantetsuken (swe) BOOKED 
19 Una Grip Alconbury (swe) BOOKED
20 jeppe lillfya falk BOOKED
21  Saphira Amethyst Star (swe) BOOKED
   22 Mike Freyr Perry (NL) BOOKED
23 Exolvus Exo Nex (swe) BOOKED
24 Alindrina Alli Golden (swe) BOOKED
 25  Pablo Containerconrad Francisco  (DM)  BOOKED   
26  Jambor Lighstealer Nichtell (swe) BOOKED  
27 Mark Stockis Forsight (swe) BOOKED
 28 Chairman whatwouldjesusdo Edgewise  (swe) BOOKED  
 29 David Tia Westmoreland (DM) BOOKED
 30 Nicholas Looser EnterGate (swe) BOOKED
32  Michel MonsterBatwings Raud (swe) BOOKED
35    Celanor Celle Vidstige (swe) BOOKED
36  Tina Abuyin Walther (DE) BOOKED
37  Sir rocco robin (swe) BOOKED
38 Funky eax rockstaR (swe) BOOKED
39 Nanshana Nana Itsanai (swe) BOOKED
40 Jonas bruktis holgrensson (swe) BOOKED
           41 Christer toad Johansson (swe) BOOKED                      
   43  Patrik Gyz Nilsson  (swe)  BOOKED      
45 My Antonsson: Community Relations Manager (Mindark)
 46 Kaj Suokko: Customer Relations Manager (Mindark)
48   Dennis Antonsson: Game Director (Mindark)
49   Marie Erlandsson: Head of Marketing (Mindark)

   1      Tiffany  sky captain smith  BOOKED (swe)
2 Sev Severina Lothander Prel (swe)