What do i need to bring

you can only  bring a laptop and extra extension cord.Your space is 78x38 cm tabel space plus the space behind your pc
OBS your entropia client must be fully updated or you will overload our network also bring your A-game 


Have fun but not on any other players  expense , respect all players,  taking up old or ongoing conflicts is completely forbidden here. You are only allowed to have fun


The price is 1250 swedish crowns (SEK) or 125 dollar (USD. No refund will be given but we make sure you get all the goodies and stuff players get on event day if you can't make it. Payment is with swish or paypal .

   The planning stage of the lan starts usually 5-6 months before event, we work on the following details:

Event details like hunting and mining, diplomas for players, prep questions to Mindark from players.

Seating arrangements, homepage design, OLA-prep for mobs.   Event venue readiness: wifi, personal table arrangements.

 Pre Party day 17 may

On friday we are having a pre party so people who already arrived to Gothenburg can come to the venue and socialize before we start the lan!
time: Svensk tid 18:00 

Event day 1  18 may

  Saturday 10:00 -22:00 (UTC)
Svensk tid 11:00-24:00

Event day 2 19 may 

 Sunday  09:00 -14:00 (UTC)
Svensk tid 10:00-15:00